Web Pros 2020 is scheduled for June 3 at Penn State Beaver.
Tech Pros 2020 is scheduled for June 4–5 at Penn State Beaver.

The annual Penn State Tech Pros conference is heading to the Beaver campus in June, and this year’s event will be bigger and better than ever.  For over ten years, Tech Pros has been the conference dedicated to front-line and backroom IT employees with the aim of improving and creating development and networking opportunities and aligning work with the strategic direction of the university. 

As our Web track at Tech Pros has grown over the past few years, we are now committing a full day exclusively to our Web professionals, complete with workshops, presentations, vendors, and sessions only available during this program. Web Pros will provide professionals from across the university with a unique professional development and networking opportunity. 

Web Pros 2020 will take place at Penn State Beaver the day before Tech Pros with a focus on Web topics such as content management, accessibility, architecture, analytics, development, and interface design. 

 Web Pros is not just for IT. It’s for anyone who develops, manages, or creates content for the Web. Together, we can share knowledge and best practices, and gain valuable insight into issues facing the University. 

Mark your calendars and make plans to join us for Web Pros, June 3, and Tech Pros, June 4-5, at Penn State Beaver. 


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